About Us...

HBM Company
is a family business started by a father and son team, Harvey and Britt Murphrey. In the early days of the 1980s, Britt cut grass after school and was joined by Harvey after a full day’s work at his regular job. Before long, the two took the leap of faith and began working full time with HBM Company. In 1997, they expanded from landscaping to septic systems.

Harvey and Britt built their business on honesty and integrity.

Today, Britt continues the HBM Company family tradition by providing professional septic system installations and repairs for area families and home builders, as well as, septic system inspections for local real estate professionals.   You can rest assured that when HBM Company is onsite, Britt is there to ensure the job is done right.

Harvey and Britt Britt and sons
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